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About The Film


Thanks for stopping by and supporting Nvision Studios. We are looking to produce films all shot and produced in New York. It has always been our mission to showcase the talent of the hidden gems in the industry, not just for big named artist or actors but for the newbies, the people that are just curious or just getting started and the ones who don't think they will be accepted. We stand behind our cast and crew 100% and we ask that you do the same for our next project "Dolly."

About The Project: 
We’re making a short film titled “DOLLY” that we are incredibly excited to be bringing to life. We’ll be shooting the film in Long Island New York in and with the help of all of you, we’re looking to make it the must see short film for the Halloween season.

The film follows a family moving into a new home, to escape from recent family troubles only to find their troubles are just beginning as their daughter Nina has a new imaginary friend that is looking to play one final game. 

The film takes place in a small family home with our cast of three very talented actors: Keira Finnell as Maria, Peter Goike III as Kevin, and Claire Daly as Nina.  Each bringing their skills and expertise to the project and will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

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